Video Games and Humanities Education

This semester I have been conducting research under Dr. David Rieder in conjunction with The Escapist in order to understand how attentions have developed in our digital age. I noticed a growing number of people who are uninterested in written texts, but constantly plugged into digital media. These works of digital media, I would argue, are our most important texts today and that the fact people are walking away from more physical, print-focused media is because our attentions are evolving to focus more on the digital world.

In a world of screens, shifting attention from digital media to print media can often be difficult and leave students behind. It is my hope to discover a direction for understanding how these digital texts can be used within classrooms to supplement students that struggle with traditional written texts. With this perspective in mind, I used my time researching the possibilities of Humanities education when partnered with a more up to date understanding and utilization of digital media. You can start here.

Featured image for this project found here.


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